Main reason for the famous Tut Ankh Amon

Tutankhamun came to power at a young age if he was 9 years
He was married to "Ankh - o - n - Button"
Altaltp a daughter of King Akhenaten

Main reason for the famous Tut Ankh Amon
The death of Amon, which is determinedHis fame is due to his tomb, which was found in full without being her one of the thieves
Where he found it by chance and Zllk year November 4, 1922Where he was working in Tllk period based on the tomb of Ramses VI and here was found on rock carving at a distance of 3 feet from the tomb of King Ramses VI and continued in Alhfraly that were found and find the treasures in full which are now in the Egyptian Museum next to the other and who is in the museum English, which is due to the theft of these treasures, where he announced to the San Zllk grandson Karnov

"Mystery and rolls of Tutankhamun"

Once again renewed the call for the detection of mystery of the death of the young pharaoh Tutankhamun

Different opinions and interpretations about the death of Tutankhamun, and these views


The emergence of a significant crack in the skull, which I said is the cause of death
But Dr. "Zahi Hawass"
I said this rift has emerged from the de Mahntin because of habit Btaathm a brain open until the process Althanit

Which said that the reason is a disease that the heirs of a glut
Hibernate where scientists that waist circumference was higher than thirty centimeters from the periphery of the chest, which led to his death

And is the main cause of death is that the era of Tutankhamen was the era of the long and full of wars that eventually led to the injury in a battle which led to his death because the Pharaoh was the habit of going out himself in the wars

Photo Walt define the features of a destination
The scientists from Egypt, France and the United States draw a rough picture of the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun (1354 1345 BC),

The death of Amon, which is determinedModel made of the young Pharaoh show features a young and weak chin and nose of a slope and shaved head after scientists used the statues of the king and antiquities, which are located by a corresponding