Ancient egyptians and astronomy

Egyptians began the study of stars since the very early period in their history. They were one of the first astronomers, and became the temple of the sun god at Heliopolis an important center for the study of astronomy. Was associated with astronomy when the ancient Egyptians is closely linked to the process of forecasting Bmoakit. They developed a calendar year divided the year into 365 days and divided also the day and night into 24 hours in spite of the change the length of day and night according to the seasons and the Egyptians were the first of the peoples that starts with the timing of today have midnight. And enter the leader of the Roman Julius Caesar, the Julian calendar, which divides the year to 365 days with the calculation of the fourth year a leap year every four years. And adopted in this on his contacts with the Egyptians and astronomy scientists Arsadhm by the overseers in Egypt. This calendar has been in effect that the solution to the locality in 1582 by the calendar last modified slightly and is called the Gregorian Calendar