The Legend of the Curse of the Pharaohs

The Legend of the Curse of the Pharaohs
Do not open the coffin, with its two wings Vsivbh death anyone who dares to trouble us

Found archaeologist (Howard Carter) with his colleague, Lord (Carnarvon) of those words written in the tomb of Pharaoh (Tutankhamen), famous when they are discovered in 1922 after a bitter struggle lasted for six years .. In spite of the bear the words of an explicit threat of death to those who dig in the graves Pharaohs .. but none of the archaeologists of lack of any attention at all .. There is nothing in our time of the pharaohs believed in ancient pagan beliefs that are more than four thousand years .. and that the discovery of such ancient Egyptian tomb (this is the most important) was still One of the most important discoveries of the twentieth century and modern at the time .. It was the cemetery enormous size and ultimate luxury and were closer to the basement from being a cemetery normal .. big statues of various animals are made of pure gold and encrusted with jewels and precious stones .. the amount of very large pieces of like gold bullion are everywhere in the tomb, which scientists estimated age of more than three thousand years .. but the body of the pharaoh himself was very luxurious cloth Mkva jeweled.

In short, this cemetery contains the treasures are endless and priceless .. It was the world (Howard Carter) The owner of this discovery, Lord (Carnarvon) funded a campaign to detect the effects felt full of pride after their names to brighten the sky because of the popularity of this great achievement.

Everything was going in the best picture .. but what happened after that was a strange turn with the passage of time to a supernatural phenomenon and one of the mysterious things that raised a lot of controversy and failed to find science the explanation to this day .. On the day of the celebration of the official opening of cemetery .. wounded Lord (Carnarvon) mysterious fever did not find it one of the doctors explanation .. In the middle of the night just died in Cairo, Lord .. The strangest thing is that the electricity was interrupted in Cairo without any apparent reason in the same moment of death .. After that successive calamities and death began to reap the vast majority .. if not all of those who desecrated the cemetery or who have participated in the celebration .. It was the threat of death was found in the cemetery was sincere.

Most of the deaths were due to these mysterious fever with delirium tremors and lead to death .. but it was exceeded fever in a lot of times .. he died secretary (Howard Carter) without any reason at all .. and then committed suicide and his father, saddened him. . During the funeral of Secretary Das horse pulling a cart the coffin a little boy, killing him .. and wounded many of those who contributed in one way or another in the discovery of the tomb of insanity and some of them committed suicide without any apparent reason .. which has baffled archaeologists who have found themselves in a puzzle there is no have any explanation .. puzzle named it (the curse of the Pharaohs).

After four years of the accident died archaeologist (Walter Emery) without cause before the eyes of his assistant in the same night, were discovered a grave Pharaonic .. There is a doctor (Bilharz) finder worm (bilharzia), who died two days after his visit to the effects of the Pharaohs in Luxor .. and talk about the myth of the curse of the Pharaohs does not end and needs to complete folders to mention all the mysterious deaths and writing full reports on them .. In most cases, the victims are scientists or people with a place in society .. which is not beyond the areas and wide to the laws of chance.

The strangest thing happened at all .. It is the story of Inspector effects Masri, who asked officials in Egypt to send some of the treasures of the Pharaohs to Paris for display in museums for a short period and then return later to Cairo .. However, the Inspector begged them not to force him to do this has he could hear a lot about the curse of the Pharaohs .. We have tried every effort to prevent the process of transition effects from Egypt to Paris, but it failed to do that .. and after a few days .. The Inspector cross the road ran over a speeding car and died at the hospital ..!.

Dr. (Izz al-Din Taha) for fungi and toxins that - perhaps - scattered over the tombs of Pharaohs .. and bacteria that are active on the skin of decaying mummy .. but this does not explain the cases of madness, sudden death or suicide, for no reason .. but the Dr. ( Ezz El Din Taha) himself was killed after his statement a few weeks in a car accident ..! and remained a legend of the curse of the Pharaohs dare not hold any party responsible for the recognition.

As for the archaeologists .. Despite their statements that the curse of the Pharaohs This is just a myth and deaths that have occurred can not be more than coincidence and evidence of this is (Howard Carter) the owner of detection for the tomb of Pharaoh (Tutankhamen), which did not happen to him any harm .. but many of them do not dare to discover the tombs of Pharaonic again .. not even visit the Pharaonic monuments .. also the most affluent who possess some of the monuments and statues of Pharaonic expensive rid of them for fear of the alleged curse.

Mask (Tutankhamun) .. Pharaonic tomb owner, which was the reason for the spread of the myth of the curse of the Pharaohs .. Have found the body of the mask over the mummy (Tutankhamun) embalmed in the cemetery .. Found after examining the X-ray the mummy .. That there are deep scars on the neck .. It is likely that (Tutankhamun) was dead, dead .. It is said that the Crown Prince, who took the throne after him, is responsible for his death.

It turns out that the myth of the curse of the pharaohs were in circulation on a small scale since a very long time .. but it did not find their way into the media only on the day of the celebration of the official opening of the tomb (Tutankhamun), after the loss of most of those who contributed to this discovery.

Some Muslim scholars and scientists that the deaths that have occurred can not be interpreted as a curse because this contradicts with the Islamic faith directly .. as it is not a coincidence .. Valsdvp not be repeated in this way .. but that all this explanation of what may turn out .. with the passage of days .. or may remain legend among the swing .. the truth .. and imagination.