The sacred scarab in Ancient Egypt

"The sacred scarab in Ancient Egypt"

Scarab or scarab or Abu scarab (in English: Dung beetle) is a beetle dung is an insect black habits boosting the carrion and filth, dung (Waldman) and lay their eggs in and rolling in front and gathered in the hole and then to feed them, the color of color coal Alontra_it and called the ancient Egyptian name Brrbr That is to say (come into being to take a specific image), then became the sense of (a) or (become). Kheprer, and when the advent of writing used to write the word image is a complex act Among the images of alien saved in the Valley of the Kings, beetle huge black out of the sand drag ball glowing, and explains Bleutark all of this without away on what appears on the interpretation of the Egyptian says: (As for the beetle scarab Valmatkd that do not have a female and all the scarabs males, brings to both seed in grain of material to make the ball and drag their feet and paid Rahaohy background Simulated doing this the ecliptic from east to west). Egyptian scarabs were used for public purposes, was Kalokhtam seals and cylindrical seals which buttons on the image of animals and huge gold rings, and if you put a seal or lobes of the contract could be sealed by the seals pots, speeches, and latches against the futility of robbers. As they were carrying Ktmaim protective cheap, as I hid this insect in itself a renewal of her constantly, produced thousands of scarabs quickly and industry jagged botched often, and the inscriptions on which are written poorly, so it became necessary to extract the scarabs from the digging to make sure it is genuine not false . This is still sold in the simple areas of the Mediterranean Sea since ancient times Egyptian reminiscences more common, and despite finding thousands of scarabs in the mounds and cemeteries counterfeiting is still at its peak is a need to fill standing orders. Ranges along the scarabs made of solid stone, such as silicate magnesium soap polished, or limestone or faience, between 1 cm to 10 cm, and ranges form of natural to semi-scarab and beetle which are inscribed the wings engraved clear to the scarab-headed ram, and often What sculptured abdomen or the flat side of the scarab, either in writing or fees depending on the intended purpose of the scarab, many of the scarabs were seals bearing the name of the employee and his titles, and engraved on one wishes (such as Happy New Year for SMB) or the government, such as: (peace of mind is better than anger (f) Amon power only) and a large number of them bears the names of ownership inscribed for the qualities expressed by the thus expressed the first name (from the News-Re) of Thutmose III the Great and the literal meaning (perhaps to continue Ra in bringing life) on the meaning of the code scarab fully express so that he wrote on many of the small things until the late era. Ancient Egyptian scarabs issued the same way that the historical issue of commemorative medals, and includes small group followed by the name of the king the title indicates the work and bear the largest group on the flat side of the scarabs big news is short. And fees are inscribed on scarabs are numerous and include ornate decoration Zdzajip and cyclones and other charges include signs and protective sometimes disguised as some puzzles and pictures of gods and kings, and sometimes a fee is a corresponding real and sacred animals. Can also determine the date of the ground layer archaeological by scarabs at the lack of any other evidence, if found coated with what some of the scarabs was able expert study that resolves the symbols and secrets as it does an expert coins and medals the old, and really fun to infer the life of Egypt's economic, social and religious scarabs alone. A large number of scarabs big heart made mostly of solid stone or faience and is bordered by wings of hawks talismans funeral private, and were placed between the folds of coffins, the dead or dimpling of the jewelry chest, were often embossed in paragraph thirty of the Book of the Dead, which shows the behavior expected the magic of the heart during the celebration of th
e weight of the heart: (any of my heart, Iaoovy part of my being does not stand a witness against me in court for you .... God is located in my body, my God and my body to the Governor).