Between the curse of the Pharaohs and a hat, "Hawas" .. Jokes and the fascinating secrets of minds

Between the curse of the Pharaohs and a hat, "Hawas" .. Jokes and the fascinating secrets of minds

Ocean Safinaz Mohammed

Is still the curse of the Pharaohs to the puzzling mystery of millions in Egypt and the world, linked in the minds of many death or the curse which barrier standing in front of fans and lovers of the ancient Egyptian world.

But despite all of the events and attitudes associated with the curse, but until now no one could be sure of their existence is actually In this context, narrative, Dr. Zahi Hawass, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities via the "Ramiz around the world" which is broadcast on the channel "life" of many stories and jokes that faced during the research and adventures have led many to believe the existence of the curse.

Al-Hawass said on one occasion, during drilling at a depth of 20 meters underground in the Bahariya Oasis, which saw the discovery of the valley of the mummies of gold and successfully extracted the 250 mummies covered in gold, and Hawass said: "enlisted the detector laptop in the hands of the lighting and then I saw the statue in front of me and when he attracted scouts to move closer to which extinguished the light and Tkahrpt happened to me fainted and a half minutes after Ivagueti I said that if it happened and caused the electricity in my death the people thought the existence of the curse of the Pharaohs. "

Among the other novels that have made Hawass believes the existence of the curse of what happened in Luxor, where he said: "When I went to the shortest investigated the cause of the death of King Tut Ankh Amun took a CT scan to examine the mummy and when we started in the examination procedures of the mummy, we have to put them on something like a table stop-ray machine completely This was the first time I think the existence of the curse. "

He added: "Before and during our stay in the car heading to the place almost the driver to run down a passer-by, then later told me that my sister over the phone the death of her husband, and then contact my secretary and Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni told me to enter the last hospital, then conducted an interview with Japanese television and storm, thunder Hdid made the team of photographers and filmmakers, and so hurry in fear and panic and say it is the curse of Tutankhamun. "

And interpreted the senses on the basis of a scientific mystery and a curse, and said: "The idea that mummies found in tombs as a result of closure of thousands of years formed the bacteria and microbes is enormous and is not visible, so Valmkchw die immediately once exposed to the toxins, but we when we intend the work of discovery, or open the cemetery, we lift the lid and leave the cemetery open for several days to solve the fresh air replaces the corrupt. "

Hawass and the advice of anyone who wishes to attend the opening of any cemetery not to subject her after he shaved his beard, because the skin in this case, the thin and highly deoppilant pores make it vulnerable to viruses and microbes to enter him and then death occurs.

[D. Zahi Hawass]

D. Zahi Hawass
On the other hand, detection senses the mystery of the hat worn by always said with a laugh: "time you wore a hat peasants white form is very bad to the extent that it disgusting than to see was the big size and folded from the front, and then encountered and entered a shop in Los Angeles in America during the period in which I was And she taught there and I liked and you have purchased on the spot and from this moment and I am optimistic and I rejoiced with the degree of my back when I do something new discovery.

He continued: "Hat of my best known for the extent that it raised fret George Lucas discovered a series of Star Wars films when he visited Egypt with his family and that when he found that my hat was superior in the hearing on the hat world star Harrison Ford, who made a personal Finder effects and here are my hat," Style "for scientists effects, but they are now sold in America and soon in Egypt with $ 45 and the personal signature and photo of the inside