Ramses I

Ramses I

Ramses I, founder of the Nineteenth Dynasty, was

Of distinguished military leaders in the reign of

King Horemheb. King Horemheb left things

Military fellow Ramses The focus is

On internal affairs. When Ramses became governor, he turned

Attention to the city of Tanis, which became

Summer residence for himself and the first Khalifa City. The reign of Ramses

The first two years only because of the offer
In age at the time he ascended the throne.

Ramses II

Ramses II was the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty.
Ruled Egypt for 66 years from 1279 BC. M. Until 1212 BC. M
(Or 1290 BC. M --1,224 BC).. Ascended the throne
In his early twenties. Thought of that before
He lived until he became 99 years old, but it is most likely
Died in the early Tsainath. Book the ancient Greeks
(Eg Herodotus) attributed his achievements to the King semi
Seizo legendary Stres. Some believe that
Pharaoh Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. If he had
Ascended the throne in 1279 BC. M., Is also believed
Most Egyptologists, it was a day
May 31, 1279 BC. M. Based on Egyptian history
Ascending to the throne of the third month of the season chemo on 27.

His life

Ramses II was the son of Seti I and Queen NOYANT. Months

Wives was Nefertari. Among the other wives
Isis and Maat Nofret Poplar Nfrora
And Princess Haty. The number of sons and a daughter about 90 years.
Sons them were: Merritt Bntanat and security
(Princesses, wives, fat), and Pharaoh Stnacht
Mrnپtah (which succeeded) and Prince. Khaimust
Like most of the pharaohs, Ramses was the names of several
. Two most important of them: the royal name and its original name
Hieroglyphs show up to the left.
And those names written in Arabic as follows: Ra walk
GTI Ra Stپ N, Ra Miss Sue Marie security, and their meaning:
"Strong and Maat Ra, Ra Mustafa, the Spirit of Ra,
Beloved of Amun. "Recital in the version of the Treaty of Peace
Masculinity with the above Hatossells III, that the name of the pharaoh
Appears as follows: The Hmoreet Stپnra Ramch dextropositioned.
And some Egyptologists believe that this speech
Must be considered as soon pronounce the name of the pharaoh.
Ramesses II led several expeditions north into the country
Levant. In the battle of Kadesh, the second in the fourth year
Of his reign (1274 BC. M.), The Egyptian forces
Under his leadership, engagement with the forces of Muatales, King
The Hittites. Over the following years, none of the
Parties defeat the other party. Accordingly, in the year
Atheist and twenty of his reign (0.1258 s. M), struck
Ramses II treaty with the Hatossells III,
It is the oldest peace treaty in history.
Ramses also led several campaigns south of the waterfall
First to the land of Nubia. It has built many of the
Temples and statues of the most impressive, including
Complex of Abu Simbel, statues of him and leave more
Than any other Pharaoh. In fact,
Ramses had commissioned artists to city residents
Deir el-Medina a lot of business.
Ramses was buried in the Valley of the Kings, in the cemetery kv7,
However, the mummy was transferred to Treasury mummies
In Deir el-Bahri, where it was discovered in 1881 and quoted
To the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Cairo, after five years,
Where still frozen and displayed. Ramses was
The height of 170 centimeters tall, making it tall
Standards of his time. Medical examinations on the mummy show
The effects of red hair or pigments. It is believed that he suffered from
Acute rheumatic arthritis in the Sunni
His last, and also suffered from diseases of the gums.

Did the Pharaoh out?

Older claimed that Ramses II was the pharaoh who fought

Moses, a student was directed by the Children of Israel
Agaysari Eusebius (275-339 AD).
The claim is wrong for the following reasons:

Ramses II did not drown in the sea,
No traces of death by drowning on the mummy.
Although the effects of very detailed all aspects of the
Sunni and the reign of Ramses II, there is no
Or written evidence (fossils) refers to the archaeological
(Or coincide with) the epidemics that punished
By Egypt at the time of Exodus of the Jews.

3. Including that of Ramses II did not drown in the sea
And punished by the epidemics that Egypt is not in
His disclaimer that it is not out of Pharaoh
Because the Koran said, in many places the story
Epidemic and drowned Pharaoh Exodus of the Jews. Such as the words
Says: (So We seized him and his hosts and flung them in the sea)
And many other states.

Dr. Maurice Bucaille revealed (1) in his book, the Koran
And modern science match what stated in the Koran
On the fate of Moses, Pharaoh drown in the sea after
With the fact that in the presence of his body to this day
Verse to the worlds where he says:
) Today thee thee to be a Sign for those behind the
Many of the people are heedless of Eayatna (
(Yunus: 92). Dr. Bucaille says:
"A novel of the Torah on
Exodus of the Jews with Moses peace be upon him
From Egypt strongly supports the hypothesis
That the successor of Ramses Mneptah two o'clock
And Pharaoh of Egypt at the time of Moses, peace be upon him,
The medical study of the mummy Mneptah provided us with
Other useful information on possible causes
The death of this pharaoh. The Bible mentions that the corpse
Swallowed by the sea but do not give detail on
What happened to her later. The Quran mentions that the corpse
Pharaoh cursed shall be rescued from the water as
Came in the previous verse, and the test shows
Medical mummy that this body did not remain in
Water for a long time, as it did not show any
Signs of complete damage due to long stay in the water
". (2), had said Sheikh Abdul Majeed al-that
Dr. Morris told him in an interview that a
Doctors who disclose the body
Pharaoh found in:

1 - the effects of death by drowning.

2 - the effects of salt sea water.
3 - X-rays showed a bone-breaking without rupture
Skin and flesh, which indicates that the breaking of the bones was
Due to water pressure.
Dr. Bucaille shows the miracle in
This issue, saying: "In the era in which arrived
The Koran to people through Muhammad
Upon him, the bodies of all the pharaohs who
Doubt people in the modern era, rightly or
A line that they have a relationship to get out, she was buried in the tombs
Valley of the Kings at Thebes on the other bank of the Nile
Before the present city of Luxor. In the era of Muhammad
Upon him all things were unknown about this
Did not discover the bodies until the end of the nineteenth century's Nest
T (3) and thus the body of the Pharaoh by Moses
Still standing for the day is considered a material in
Mummified body of a person that knew Moses peace be upon him,
And opposed his demands, and chased him in his escape and died in
During that chase, and God saved his corpse from complete damage
To become a sign for the people as mentioned in the Holy Quran "(4).
This historical information about the fate of the body of Pharaoh
Were not in the possession of one of the humans in the revelation of the Qur'an
And after coming on for many centuries, but made it clear in the book
God on the lips of the unlettered Prophet, which testifies that the
The source of this science is the divine revelation

(1) French doctor, surgeon of the most famous doctors of France,
Converted to Islam after a thorough study of the Koran
Scientific and likeness. (2) Quran and Modern Science
/ D. Maurice Bucaille. (3) Study the Scriptures
In the light of modern knowledge d. Maris Bucaille
, Dar knowledge o'clock 269 i 4 / 1977
, Quote.