Crime in the cemetery of Pharaonic

Crime in the cemetery of Pharaonic

On the fourth of November 1922 was able to (Howard Carter Howard Carter) with the help of funding (Lord Carnarvon Carnarvon) of detection for the tomb of the young pharaoh (Tutankhamen), along with a treasure history is invaluable, both in the amount of jewelry, furniture and jewelry, including mask golden full, covers the face of the deceased, or scientific value took us to understand in detail the life of the ancient Egyptians.

He knew that with a young man died at the age of twenty years in mysterious circumstances. Well known from his father (Akhenaten), who called the rebellious religious at unification that also died after ruling 17 years in suspicious circumstances, leaving an impact.

It also did not mention the two in the list of kings that have been reviewed on a wall in a good 330 of the property.

Today is detected, the Temple of Akhenaten at Tell el-Amarna, near Cairo, as found by the bust and elegant in the very beauty of his wife (Nfrettiti) displayed in the wind a beautiful headdress high, which gave him love and livelihood, including six girls, and offered in more than one place in the development of a close family, with her husband, the monk who introduced his biography of Durant, which is based Bzbehath great reverence in the midst of verses of poetry in more than 800 hymn.

It was also learned that the wife of Tutankhamun (Onkisinomn), which was his sister, and this was usually in the marriage of Pharaoh, it is ruled in turn, dies in mysterious circumstances, a young woman.

Today, after more than seventy years of Howard Carter's statements, after the young pharaoh was buried more than 3500 years, the American scientist Biqlaq Pharaoh bed lying in his coffin Mahnta, to test the theory of hovering around was killed early.

Has entered the scientific team to the cemetery and photographed the skull stuffed with X-ray, only to discover that there are remnants of a broken occipital region of the young pharaoh's skull. X-rays and discuss with the experts today on suspicion a crime was planned at the palace, the Prime Minister (IE), which can not be held accountable according to law Pharaonic.

As well as measure the assassination of his wife later revealed that the effects of SOS messages in Turkey, to the king of the Hittites, requesting a sermon to his sons; because they do not want to marry a servant.

It seems that Prince Hittite died on the way, and she died later, and was preceded by her husband, the young Tutankhamun, who did not leave a child and only daughter died at the age of 5 and 8 months and Mahntin buried with them.

Thus, during the air on Maizar to the Prime Minister (IE), co-conspirator killer, who came to power, and remained on the throne three years, but his tomb was looted after him, as in the Quran and we are the inheritors.

Not to mention history and its relationship to Akhenaten, and his son after Tutankhamun.

The archeological review of the U.S. skull, where he appeared to break clear in the occipital region, and it seems that (IE), masterminded the situation in the period, have lost their awareness of the young pharaoh, and in a coma for a long time before he dies.

This was obvious in the tumor bloody calcification.

The Discovery Channel presented the story in their tombs, and humble man standing in front of the dead, they speak without a tongue, it is customary for the dead Aitkelmon, and in the courts are unanimous, but their testimony is Medellín. Dead, is alive and Ian feel when they are raised, but their hands and their relics and bones speak the language of hidden; pronunciation and should be made to testify in a manner strikingly unexpected .. And signed them, including the right to do wrong, to understand Aintqon ..