Egypt in this era kept sliding towards chaos due to revolts made by Egyptian people. Matters kept getting worse till the Romans came and easily grabbed control of the Egyptian land.

That was from the political Hellenic side. As from the side of the Egyptian people themselves, except for the revolting group, they had been living a harsh life working all day in the fields, at their work or serving the occupiers doing low class jobs for them. No wonder then that all artifacts found for them do not indicate any participation in the matters of the government neither the interior nor the foreign ones. All what Egyptians have left us from written artifacts in this period are a group of Demotic documents that provide us with a clear idea about dealings that had been taking place between Egyptians and themselves and some times between Egyptians and members of the occupying Hellenics, all of which were confined to local social matters. Unfortunately, such documents have not been found at several places across the Egyptian land, rather most of them were found in specific known locations, especially at Thebes which is considered the main source of Demotic document sin the Ptolemaic age. It is worth noticing that no Demotic documents from this age have been found in the North of Egypt till now. The reason behind this may have been that the weather there is not suitable for preserving such documents due to its high level of humidity. In Fayoum, a large number of papyrus papers have been also found which have revealed important facts about this period of the Ptolemaic rule.