The ancient Egyptians put on the doors of temples, obelisks, Mslten together. A symbol of the relationship of earth and sky, this feature still will appeal to people to this day.

Obelisk of Tuthmosis IV, Turkey

The obelisk is a column topped by a four aspects epitriquetrum, all from a single block of granite obelisk is a religious teacher from a single block of granite and consists of three parts:

1) base to ensure a balance

2) stem quadrangular friendly way at the top

3) at the top of the summit pyramid small

Ben Ben Hoalasm Egyptian obelisk. According to ancient beliefs in Heliopolis, the obelisk was the first image of the god Ra. The obelisk is a ray of the sun. This confirms the wrap small pyramid top of the obelisk with leaves of gold. Older obelisk known Bahleopolis placed King Senusret I. There are obelisks Bahleopolis, Fayoum and Tanis in the Delta and the temples of Luxor and Karnak, as can be seen portions of granite in Aswan (obelisks, did not move from the location of) sculpture ancient Egyptians obelisks large granite is composed of the body and one in excerpts of Aswan, southern Egypt, to be transported then to the location to refine and chisels is then carefully lifted on its base. All this is done in a manner and in a manner very accurate indication of knowledge and enables high reliability. Method used to install gates in front of temples, obelisks in the allotted place was probably as follows: attending Coma lot of sand near the place where the obelisk will be developed. To withdraw the needle horizontally over a pile of sand to place in front of the temple gate. Base must be the face of the basis on which have been built of rock in the form of a cube size varies according to the large obelisk that basis, it opened the cube at the top filled with sand. When placed over the base of the obelisk hole filled with sand the currency unloading sand from a second slot located at the bottom of the foundation to descend slowly to the obelisk stands vertically. Are the basis on which the withdrawal was built and begin operations refinement, sculpture, drawing, using the monument built by the horror of the obelisk. In the latter enveloping the top of the obelisk (which is modeled on a small pyramid) leaves a combination of gold and silver. Obelisks can be seen today in London and New York and Paris, but the way they have been used by the more modern mechanical tools.