Is one of the few women who Atlin throne of Egypt and ably managed the reins of government to make history, celebrates her memory so far.

Hatshepsut, the first gods Tmmelt ownership rule in 1500 BC. Can be identified thanks to the beard aliases. Hatshepsut, the word means (the top of the nobility of womanhood)

Is the eldest daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt, King Thutmose I and her mother, Queen Ahmose Her father was the king had fathered an illegitimate son was Thutmose II has accepted to marry him the habit of royal families to participate together in power after his death, and that a solution to the problem of the existence and legitimate heir to him.

RPR squeeze the stability of peace and security at home and abroad, in light of Army forces Saher, was also marked by outdated building and the advancement of the arts and commerce. Hatshepsut was a role of the pharaohs of the men, abandoned the titles of queens, kings and used titles, and I wore the uniform in official ceremonies. Egypt's policy became outdated in about the continent of Africa, sent a trade mission to Puntland, Somalia (current).

In the ninth year of her reign sent Queen Hatshepsut, a trade mission to Puntland consists of several sailing ships crossed the Red Sea until they reached Pont, Fastqublha governor and senior men, the mission presented gifts to them, then returned laden with large quantities of gold, incense, perfumes ebony, ivory, leather and some animals. News filmed the mission on the walls of Deir el-Bahari Temple of Queen. Also portrayed the walls of the convent Maritime Description Mission sent to Hatshepsut granite quarries at Aswan to bring the huge stones, to establish Mslten with great temple of Karnak in Luxor, one of them still exist today, and a height of about 30 meters. Portrayed as the myth of the divine birth.

Andzadtha of the most important funerary temple Deir el-Bahari. Temple of the rarest and most important funerary temples or temples commemorate the anniversary in the mainland west of Luxor, a unique architectural masterpiece, designed by the engineer and the priest Alokbura die in the form of strips of the work agreed between himself and the environment surrounding it came on three floors or balconies, and the genius engineer allowed him to Queen register his name on the the walls of the temple. Queen Hatshepsut has been recorded history on the walls of the temple, where the first floor we find a corresponding transfer Almslten which residence in the temple of Karnak to the temple. The second floor has recorded the story of her Bible, which confirm she is the daughter of the god "Amun" because it is not allowed for women in Egypt to take over government objected Hatshepsut this story to govern Egypt 20 years after the death of her husband King "Thutmose II" and removed for the legitimate heir of King "Thutmose III" I'm her husband, who was young when his father died. At the same floor or the balcony, there was Queen Hatshepsut business trip which took her to the country, "Puntland" and the five phases, and views her as she returned laden with goods from incense, gum, ivory, and ostrich and trees planted in the gardens of her temple. The third floor and the last was called "courtyard ceremonies" and on its walls pictures celebrating the "lovely valley," which are independent of the Queen composite god Amun Temple of Karnak to the temple of Deir el-Bahari, and the remaining one night inside the Holy of Holies, and was limited to the floor on the Queen and the chief priests only. After the death of Queen Hatshepsut's temple was abandoned and the effects of blur and sabotage of those left behind, especially King Tuthmosis III, I'm her husband, who has erased her name from the walls of temples, where he saw that she was raped him rule the country, and it is deserving of them to take over governance.

Long period of thirty years rule, but to know the circumstances of her disappearance Did she die or is recalled to the throne of Tuthmosis III, is the ruling?