Mystery of the ancient Egyptian civilization

Mystery of the ancient Egyptian civilization

Is known to all, that the ancient Egyptian civilization ancient civilization, one of the civilizations that preceded all civilizations, ancient, and the characteristics of this civilization, it left a lot of symbols, drawings and hieroglyphs and mysterious that have been decoding a lot of secrets and understanding, and remained part of it without understanding and knowing.

On a visit to Egypt has decided to visit the Museum of the pharaohs in Cairo, so I see these effects more directly, to get an idea, and I analyze what I see on the ground, so I give my opinion about this civilization is far from the impacts and promotion of media, which distort the thought and give the impression wrong about the thing you want to know .

So as not to dwell upon you went to Tahrir Square in central Cairo, and entered the museum's red, which was teeming with tourists from all over the world, taken without a guide tourism, check out the inscriptions on statues and coffins of the Pharaohs, so as not to affect his information with the conclusion of myself from this visit, I found the drawings and inscriptions beautiful I did not understand them anything, knowing that it is known to the Bhat history, I continued scrutiny of these effects, and whenever I moved from artifact to another, the more incantations and there were many question marks I have, I tried Jahidan to understand anything but the Grandmothers of the difficulty in however, that found the coffins of the kings, sculpted on the lid outer faces of the kings buried in this coffin rock, the risk for me to take advantage of Frasti or intuitively know the races of mankind, known as the facial features carved on coffins, I found the features of the African black, I realized that to do with slavery , arrived in search and examination, after that I grabbed the first thread, until I got to the months the ark is in a place heavily guarded, and found that this sarcophagus is made of pure gold and the inscription in many very magnificence, and the listener or engraved on Gheitah outer face of the king of his hands clenched to his chest and carrying a metal rod in one of them hooked at one end, and the other hand holding a whip (Mzbh symbol of the whip).

Through this icon, or you can of whip and sent Ndhari Special AVC to Gaza this culture and understand the essence and on what basis are the structures.

Without condemned doubt whip is a symbol of slavery which represents the first dictatorship in a lecture the world, and the death of the king carrying a whip, is Ihihana of the people who belonged to this civilization, because their ancestors of the kings they are dealing with people as slaves, working and meet the requests of King whip and the power that dissection intradermal human beings of their skin, to be a witness to these landmarks unjust civilization, the model represents a human tyranny and oppression bitter.
Through this whip is buried with the owner built the pyramids, to be a message through time, from slaves who devastated their lives under the tyranny of kings, to the Liberals in the all corners of the globe, as the executioner and the authoritarian die and Evena and ends with pain, and remain the prevalent values ​​of justice and freedom, proud, Taathadda time, the strength and the oppression of kings by the end of death, the impacts are rebuilding and inscription tells the passage of history, both live and arrogant is overwhelming on the ground, that fate natural death, even though the fort itself in the strongest mountain in the world.