Amun is the king of the gods, which appeared in the old state as a member of the Group of Eight Alohmonyen employers. The religion emerged with the political greatness of Thebes.
And became in the Middle Kingdom king of the gods in all parts of Egypt, and Mr. Temples of Karnak. The form of Amun with the death of his wife and their son Khonsu, god of the moon, trinity of good, ie the Holy Family to the people of Thebes. The festival is held yearly to celebrate the marriage of Amun and Mut.

Amun is the king of gods and its president, and occupied a prominent place among the gods when Almsrienolh many implications in the history of Egyptian civilization, his name appeared in the Fifth Dynasty under (Matteawan Al-Ahram), and the meaning of the name of the (hidden), symbolized by a man sitting on a throne and on his head two feathers two long to fry red and green above the crown is sometimes the sun appears (Amun) in the city (good) in the Central State, increased strength when taken by the Kings, who chased (Hyksos) symbol to them, became the most important god in the state, and even worshiped the world of the Egyptian empire in the era of the modern state and has increased the influence of priests and their wealth increased, making some of the kings of resent that, as happened in the era of (Akhenaten) and I have kept god (Amon) national stature among the gods

Amun, Amen-Ra / Amon

God is "hidden" "The Hidden One.", Appears in the form of a man wearing a crown surmounted by two feathers, and take the form of God, "Min" in many cases, as well as the image of the ram or goose. First appeared worship was in the territory of Thebes, is one of the members of the Thamon Ashmunein, then became the idol official of the empire of modern, and the title "King of the Gods" and merged with the senior gods and became "Amun - Ra" "Amon - Maine," and "Amon - Khanom"

Seated statue of the god Amun
The statue depicts the god Amun seated on a throne wearing his crown has been traditional, consisting of two feathers and the sun disk between them.
Amon and puts his left hand unfolded on his thigh while holding in his right hand the sign of life ankh, wearing a kilt property named shendyt.
This was the statue as a doctrine that features sculpted art, especially the eyes, eyebrows, which may have been inlaid with semiprecious stones